Eco tuning offers the possibility to save your fuel costs.
The technology that makes this possible can make (freight) cars / cars run up to 15% more economical.
This can be very useful if, for example, you have a fleet but also private. What the trick is is our secret.
No mechanical adjustments are necessary, the software is optimized so that no drop of fuel is wasted.
We therefore look at speed with respect to pulling power. Accelerator pedal with respect to speed. Injection timing in relation to the Accelerator Pedal - Ignition timing (for petrol engines).
Normally a motor gives its maximum power at maximum speed.
In other words, if you accelerate wildly a bit faster, you must give full throttle that leads to higher fuel consumption.
Eco tuning gives you 20% more pulling power at an earlier speed and 10% more engine power at the maximum speed.
This together will ensure a lower fuel consumption. S-chip offers Eco Tuning for vehicles that have an on-board computer.
Adjusting the software is then done by connecting a Laptop to the on-board computer and reading the data from it.
You can calculate the cost savings yourself on the basis of savings of 5 to 15%.

With the rising diesel prices you will soon save a saving of € 1,000 to a maximum of € 4,000 per vehicle per year!


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