Tekstvak: CHIPS


STAGE 2: € 389.00


DSG performance involves a synergetic relationship between shift call outs, engine load, driver demand, and mechanical execution. Within these relationships, a harmonic balance must be maintained to ensure the various integrated systems work together and do not overpower their basic limitations.


S-chip Stage 2 DSG Program has the following features:


Progressive Shift Response

Torque limit increased from 350nm to 500nm

Launch Control

Increased Redline to 7150 RPM

Eliminated Automatic Shifting (multiple modes for each driving mode)

In-Dash Gear Display

VAG DSG Gear Box Tuning

STAGE 3 - EXTREME : € 995.00


Stage 3 software is a must for all 400+ HP applications and those drivers who demand

the most out of their chassis in D, S, or M mode. In addition to the upgrades offered in the Stage 2 package,


S-chip Stage 3 includes the following benefits:


Stage 3 is a complete departure from the factory software, every gear interchange throughout every mode (D, S, and M) at every driving condition (tip, partial, or wide open throttle) is recalibrated to accommodate torque in excess of 600 ft lbs of torque

Our programming revamps the clutch engagement curve and allows you to take advantage of the increased grip from performance clutches by scaling out the pressure calibration field. With more pressure on tap to clamp down the clutches, the additional TQ applied through High HP applications won’t strain your clutch packs

The D mode up-shift program has been tailored to avoid sub 30 MPH 6 gear selections which, when combined with high HP and torque, will overload the sensitive input shafts of the gearbox

Additionally, a manual override feature enables the driver to retain manual callout in D or S mode instead of reverting back to automatic after 8 seconds


NOTE://OEM clutches have a durability threshold of 400 crank HP. With stage 3, we have been able to hold 500HP but the reliability of these packs can not be quantified.