S-chip is a company that specializes in ecu (Electronic Control Unit) data modification.        S-chip delivers quality tuning software for petrol and diesel engines to both small and the large companies that work in the automotive tuning industry.

S-chip is not only a company that creates tuning software, but can also give you a complete dealer package such as, hardware, information, support and software. This means you don't have to know all the technical details to become a Chiptuner. If you don't know any thing about software modifications, please contact us for more information at : info@s-chip.nl

Like we say, “having trust in hardware and software is very important for being a professional Chiptuner”. S-chip is proud to say “we can deliver the best quality tuning software”. S-chip will always create a unique modification for your vehicle. Because there are is so many different variations of software between vehicles, it’s very important that the modifications are done with the original data that is written in the ecu. S-chip can also create software with special wishes from clients.

We deliver tuning files every day to many companies and our normal clients with specially created, quality tuning software. This is not only for our dealers but also Full-time Chiptuners, official car companies and global car services.

If you are interested in one of our services, S-chip can help you.

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Email : info@s-chip.nl         


Website: www.s-chip.nl